UPVC Frame Renovation

At Flawless Finish we understand that not everyone wants to have all their windows and doors replaced in order to improve the look of their property, for one this may be a big waste of money, but your doors and windows may be in perfect working order not yet requiring replacement.

We can professionally refinish your UPVC frames in a range of colours to suit your desired style. This process can transform the look of your property, drastically improving curb appeal.

Why choose to spray paint your UPVC, rather than replace?

  • Cost- uPVC Window Spraying is a far more cost-effective alternative to having replacement Windows and doors fitted, it’s the cheaper solution, and nobody will know the difference!
  • Style & Appeal – Spraying your plastic windows and doors will significantly enhance the appearance of your home & give it a new fresh style
  • Protection – The painted coating will improve the life of your uPVC Windows & Doors by acting as a protective layer
  • Durability – Your new window coating should last at least 10 years. It’s strong, flexible & made to withstand what ever weather is thrown at it.
  • Disruption – There are no major building works involved with uPVC Paint Spraying, and you don't have to worry about the cost of interior redecorating that you may have to with having new windows installed
  • Duration – Most of our UPVC restoration projects take around two to three days however smaller propeerties can normally be completed within a day.

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