The ‘Flawless’ Guide

Making the inside of your home ‘Flawless'

Making the inside of your home ‘Flawless’:


When it comes to decorating your home, the possibilities are endless! With vast inspiration available in magazines to shop-displays, it’s hard to know where to start!

At Flawless Finish, we are no strangers to aiding people in making their homes and properties look well, ‘Flawless’ and we wanted to pass on some of our ‘top-tips’ for making your property look and feel amazing!


‘Copy and Paste’:

If you struggle to envisage colours together and effectively co-ordinate styles, creating a scrap-book or mood-board can be a fabulous way to tangibly see how well colours and themes work together; without turning your walls into something that can be attributed to a Toddler’s easel!

There are fabulous apps available to save your ideas in or collect images that appeal to your inner Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen and these enable you to design your perfect space. We love Pinterest for ideas and examples; and you can categorise images into rooms in your space to see how well decorative pieces and paint colours work together. We also suggest taking photos of your space and printing them out so you have a visible image available as you shop for furniture, or colour schemes!


Picking your colour palette:- Are you ‘red’-dy?

The most aesthetically pleasing properties are the ones that have a consistent colour schemes throughout or colours that work harmoniously together. Before you decorate your property, consider the overall look and theme you are trying to achieve and one you won’t tire of easily!

Although you may like orange and purple, having them in adjoining rooms might look disjointed and confused. Choosing colours that create a smooth transition from room-to-room can give the illusion of space and enables your rooms to seamlessly fit together.

If you are someone who changes their mind frequently with colour schemes, we suggest choosing a pastel or neutral shade throughout your property. This enables you to update or change your colour schemes with accessories rather than re-decorating every few months; saving you time and pennies in the long-run!


Update and up-cycle:


It can be tempting to splurge on new items or interiors, particularly with inspiration all around us and new fashions developing all the time! We encourage customers to look at what you already have and see if updating your existing property may be more cost-effective than refurbishing it entirely! It’s surprising what a fresh coat of paint can do and with all kinds of paints available now for different surfaces; it may just be time to ‘up-cycle’ your existing woodwork and furniture! You’d be surprised at the new look you can create with a relatively small cost too!


Back to basics:


Making sure your home looks ‘Flawless’ isn’t always about paint and wallpaper.

Ensuring you have the basic canvas sorted first is key to giving a professional, ‘Flawless Finish’.

From plastering and tiling, to electrical work and carpentry, it’s ‘what’s inside’ that counts! If you don’t have the perfect start for your decorating and refurbishments, you could be more susceptible to future problems like damp or mould; or simply rough, flaking woodwork that could undo all of your decorating efforts! We always recommend tending to any internal home refurbishment and property maintenance before spending money on painting and decorating.


At Flawless Finish, we offer interior home refurbishment, property maintenance as well as professional interior and exterior decorating. All of our tradesmen are fully insured and highly experienced and will work with you to ensure your vision is created and your property is completed with a ‘Flawless Finish’.


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