The ‘Flawless’ Guide

Five tips for a ‘Flawless’ renovation

Five tips for a ‘Flawless’ renovation

Five tips for a ‘Flawless’ renovation:


Renovation projects can be somewhat daunting and it’s hard to find simple information which covers the basics. Here at Flawless Finish, we wanted to offer a quick ‘go-to’ guide that we have found beneficial when we undergo any renovation work on properties.


  1. Design:


The main thing to consider when thinking about design ideas, is whether it will work long-term. Avoid large expenditure rooms that may be outgrown in a few years like playrooms. Look at how rooms can serve as a multi-functional space and can be adapted over-time to cater to your family’s requirements. Thing about your day-to-day routines and how incorporating design ideas can alleviate stress and make better use of spaces. Where do you hang your coats? Do you have extra rooms upstairs that can be used as a laundry room etc? Considering these things prior to renovation, will save you time and money in the long-run!


  1. Budget:

 It is imperative when embarking upon renovation that you allow for a financial contingency plan should you require more work to be carried out or you uncover other work that needs completing. We suggest at least 10% of your overall budget. Imagine a bathroom renovation, that halfway through building needs completely new plumbing work, or it’s more complex than first anticipated in order to continue; or maybe you have seen an expensive item that you prefer to original fixture which is more expensive. Allowing for ‘hiccups’ such as these, prevents you from waiting any longer for your home to be completed and alleviates further stress for yourself and your loved ones. You may never need to use your contingency budget and we hope you don’t; but having it there gives you peace of mind and allows you freedom to change your mind as your building work evolves.

  1. Planning and application letters:

Leave plenty of time to get your planning application in and approved. It usually takes 8-12 weeks from application. If drawings are refused, ensure there is time available for appeals or necessary modifications.

It may be also worth visiting neighbours prior to submission if you are planning on a large build. Talking through your intentions with them may prevent any potential planning objections and prevent any further delay should someone oppose your planning. It can also be useful to look online at similar local applications as this will give you an idea as to what has already ben approved.

  1. When to build?

    It goes without saying that your builder’s availability will dictate when your renovation work can commence; however, the other thing to consider is times of the year! Here is a small list of pros and cons to seasonal building.

Building in Spring/Summer:


-Easier to be without heating and you have the option of camping in the garden or a temporary on site mobile home depending on space.

- Builders aren’t fighting the elements as the weather is USUALLY better!


-Your garden may be out of action for Summer

-Your neighbours may have to contend with noise pollution whilst they enjoy the warmer weather.


Building in Autumn/Winter:


-Builders and contractors tend to be less busy in the Winter months and so their availability will be better

- Less waiting time for planning decisions

- You don’t miss out on your outside areas.



Builders can’t leave their tools outside

  • The build can be affected by the rain
  • Deliveries and work conditions are more challenging.
  • Difficult to be without heating.



  1. Build schedule:

Ask your builder or contractor to give you an idea of build time. This will allow you to plan ahead for deliveries. Some bathrooms and kitchens and even appliances can have a three month wait time from ordering. You may also want to consider moving out temporarily so you will need to make alternative living arrangements.


There are many other things to take into account when considering a renovation project, these are just a few tips to get you started. If you have any useful information or tips that you feel would be beneficial to our clients, feel free to email them in and we can upload them to our social media accounts!


If you need more advice on your renovation projects, please feel free to contact the team today to see how we can help you create your ‘Flawless’  home or space!


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