The ‘Flawless’ Guide

Decorating a Baby’s 'Flawless' nursery on budget

 Decorating a Baby's 'Flawless' nursery on a budget:


Whether it’s your first baby or your tenth, no doubt you are excited about all of the themes and ‘cute’ things you can buy to make your little bundle’s new ‘crib’ beautiful and personalised to your family’s tastes.

The market for new-born’s is saturated with over-priced items that convince parents they are ‘must-haves’; the list is endless from clothes to furniture and it’s enough to send any parent into a panic!

 We are here to tell you, there are many ways to save and you don’t need to buy everything new either!

Here at Flawless Finish, we can’t take care of your new born for you but we can help when it comes to décor and money saving tips for creating a beautiful, ‘Flawless’ nursery for your precious new arrival.


Use ‘hand-me-downs’:

There’s no shame in it and it’s become a new trend to recycle and upcycle. Old furniture can become new with a lick of (safe) paint. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a little creativity! We love Pinterest for ideas on how to upcycle old furniture and fabrics and you’ll be surprised at how many friends and family members offer to hand over their used baby items.


Buy used:

Garage sales, Facebook, Gumtree etc are all great places to find used items or furniture. You’ll be able to save a fortune compared to retailer prices and more often than not, items are in an ‘as-new’ condition. You don’t have to just look at baby items either; chests of drawers can easily double up as a changing station with a couple of DIY ‘tweaks’, old rocking chairs can become ‘nursing chairs’; the list is endless. Look at the basic structure and make sure items are stable and safe and think ahead at the future; what items will be able to be used long after your baby is a fully-grown child.


Set a budget and stick to it:

Be realistic about how much you can afford to spend. It’s fun to shop around for adorable items but the reality is, you simply don’t need most of it. If you commit to a budget, you’ll be more ‘ruthless’ about what you do and don’t need and more likely to stick to it.


Make choices now but plan for later:

As you consider colour schemes for your baby’s nursery, resist the temptation to do a traditional ‘gender’ colour scheme. Try to use a colour palette that will last 5-10 years. Neutral tones, lemon shades and grey palettes are easier colours to match accessories with as the years roll on and have become really popular alternatives for a nursery’s décor.  If you are set on a ‘baby theme’, pick wallpaper boarders as oppose to all out wallpaper as these are easier to remove when your child is ready for a more ‘grown-up’ theme.

The bottom line is, your baby will not judge you for not having ‘new’ items or for a couple of DIY mis-haps. During the first few years of a baby’s life, you simply don’t need all of the things that are aimed at parents, buy what is essential. All a baby needs is love and to feel safe, the rest you can get as you go and learn along the way! Accept gifts, buy used and borrow what you can.

We are always on hand for decorating tips and inspiration ideas and if you aren’t feeling particularly creative, our expert team are always available to step in when you need us. We are highly experienced, professional, competitively priced and above all, we care!


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